Dragon Age: The World of Thedas Volume 1 - David Gaider, Ben Gelinas, Mike Laidlaw, Dave Marshall, Various I'm a sucker for art books and it took all my will not to tell Labyrinth Books to shut up and take my money when I stopped at their row upon row of shelves at Fan Expo last weekend. My bank account wouldn't have been happy, so I wisely opted to get only this, since it was far more than an art book dedicated to a game series that I love.

The World of Thedas is just that. Think of it as a wiki on beautiful, beautiful crack. There definitely is artwork included. Every page is covered in it. But I'm all about the lore and there is no shortage of that here, from Andraste to Zazikel and everything in between.
Favourite characters do appear, with a brief comment on their relevance to a particular entry (eg Isabela is placed within the Rivain section), but the focus is on the world itself. Countries, timelines, politics, religion, and of course, magic.

As a big fan of the Dragon Age series, this is a must have for me. It will keep me content while I patiently wait for Dragon Age: Inquisition.


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