The Losers (Book One) - Andy Diggle I'm madly in love with the movie, The Losers, and have watched it many, many times. There's something about a good buddy soldier film that just gets me.

Unfortunately, the graphic novel was a bit disappointing, at least initially. It was rather skeletal in terms of the plot and characters and their relationships and motivations. I commend the movie makers for expanding on this so well.

Okay, well the movie's plotline with Max was a bit over the top, but I'll forgive it for that because of everything else. This was one of two of the significant changes from book to film, with the other being Aisha.

Typically, Aisha was sexed up for the film, with the latest It Girl cast in the role. I have nothing against Zoe Saldana, though, and I liked her in it. It also resulted in sex scenes that rank high on my favourite sex scenes list. Her history and motivations were greatly changed to suit the plot and make her a love interest. It's Hollywood. What do you expect?

The Aisha in the book is equally - if not more - sexy, but in a far different way. She rarely speaks, and when she does, it's with deadly purpose. When she acts, it is with the deadly ferocity of a tigress. I absolutely adore Jock's depictions of her.

Towards the end of the graphic novel, I became more engaged with the plot and the hunt for max. Enough to make me want to read on. But I'm certain that my love for the movie helped me get this far.