Spera Volume 3 - Josh Tierney Spera began as an online comic that is now on its third volume. It tells the story of two exiled princesses, Lono and Pira, who've escaped into the world of Spera. Working as adventurers, the friends and their companions, a cat, a fire spirit and Adel, go where adventure takes them! Adventure involves being trailed by members of Lono's court who blame her for betraying and abandoning her people in the face of war, and later, in trying to reignite a fire spirit.

The princesses initially seem like the typical princess and the princess who wants to defy the princess stereotypes, but there is so much more to them. My daughters and I were smitten/grossed out when the princesses attempted to eat bugs and anything else they could find like proper adventurers. Their quests play on RPGs and the entire main story is filled with a lot of quirkiness and heart. The girls and I really enjoyed reading this and think this would make a fascinating cartoon.