My Little Pony: Pony Tales Volume 1 (My Little Pony - Brenda Hickley, Ryan Lindsay, Tony Fleecs, Andy Price, Thom Zahler, Bobby Curnow, Ben Bates, Amy Mebberson, Ted Anderson, Katie Cook, Barbara Kesel I did say I wanted more Pinkie Pie and I definitely got lots with an entire story dedicated just to her - along with stories spotlighting each of the mane (lol) team. The moral of each story comes down to friendship, as per the apparent requirements of a series with "friendship is magic" as the subtitle. Unlike the other MLP comics I've read with the girls, the ponies don't use magical friendship to solve these problems. They use actual friendship, from Rarity helping out the hippies to Twilight Sparkle inspiring a recluse.

Once again a fun time spent reading this with my daughters. The MLP comics have proven to be fun for all three of us.