A Matter of Temperance

A Matter of Temperance - Ichabod Temperance This is my first official adventure into the steampunk genre and it was definitely an enjoyable start. Ichabod Temperance is a young American inventor, whose first big claim to fame are his “Green Beauties,” a pair of goggles gifted to the famous Professor Plumtartt. Meanwhile, the professor, who is famous for the invention of Sol Furnaces, has also managed to harness the powers of the strange comet that recently passed over the earth. Or has he? Serendipitously, a freak accident at Plumtartt’s factory results in his daughter, Persephone, gaining strange new powers, just in time to fight off the monstrous creatures that have broken through to our world from another realm.

So begins round-the-world adventure, told in the alternating POVs of Ichabod and Persephone. Initially, the two are separate, but its not long before they join forces to fight the great evil that has been unleashed. The writing for Persephone’s chapters is a bit more solid, while Ichabod’s is more whimsical, each reflecting their particular character, but they blend well together, even when duplicating scenes, where we get to witness an event from both unique points of view.

Apparently, this began as a back and forth story adventure between two friends, which is a process dear to my heart. I’ve witnessed or participated in many such online collaborative storytelling and I love the idea that this particular story has been published to share with a larger audience. I’m sure there are some inside jokes that most readers will never know, but they were subtle and the overall tongue-in-cheek humour ensures that the story is fun for any adventure lover.

There were a few editing quirks – tense changes, inconsistent use of capitalization, grammar – but nothing to take away from the amusement, charm and excitement.

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